Taking ones knowledge to the next level

Srila Vishvanata Chakravarti Thakura

I love reading and have read so many devotional books. But for all my reading, I’m unskilled in talking about my faith. Whenever somebody asks me to describe my belief I’m at a loss for what to say:

“Uuhm, it’s about loving God – which by the way is a person with opinions and can talk.”

Yes, I really suck that badly.

I need to take my reading to a higher level – I need to start studying. Learning verses, learning sanskrit. I need to find a way to talk about my beliefs in a way that meets people. But whenever I try to learn verses, it’s like whatever I try just slides away. My brain doesn’t want to enter this knowledge.

In one book it was mentioned that my Gurudeva used to train his disciples by making them learn one verse each day. That’s effective! I know none. So I have been wondering how I can start studying and learning. Since I’m a gadget lover – of course I turn to technology for help.

First off – evernote is the place I make notes. For sanskrit learning I have found Evernote peek – a nice way to memorize words and verses.

So I’ve found some technology that I think will work well with me. But now I need to start studying. Which in itself seems like an obstacle I have. Reading is easy, because it requires nothing of me. Studying on the other hand – and memorizing. Bah…


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