Enough thinking, start doing


Today I got up after four am, not of my own free will. My son decided to wake up then. I had already decided to get up early to get an hour for myself before he woke up, but it’s like he has this sixth sense every time I want to get up early to enjoy some me-time.

Watch how parents feel they are losing themselves and not being fully human when they have no time for themselves.

Penelope Trunk

Now I’m going to stick to it, and I think my spiritual practices will flourish because of it. I think the message I’m getting is that I have to start doing, and keep the thinking straight. Doing in my case means studying. The moment I start studying I usually get so inspired I have to chant and do everything else. So that will be part of my morning me-time. I think the time of emotional turbulence in my spiritual life will slowly fade away now. It’s not what I need and it will not serve any purpose anymore. Now I need stableness, to settle down, to grow my roots.

I know I have one major upheaval left in my life that will happen during the next year. Then I will have many years of moving in the direction I want. That direction involves going inwards. I’m ready now.

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