Controlling the senses

I’m currently reading the Spiritual Warrior series: Spiritual Warrior II: Transforming Lust into Love and Surrender: The Key to Eternal Life. These books are great, they bridge the gap between this high philosophy which explains the spiritual means and ends, but not the itty-gritty details on how to achieve and deal with everyday life which means sex (celibate men have a lot to say on that subject), love, relationships, the ego, dealing with challenges, leadership. Pretty much a lot of the subjects that I’m interested in and qualities/experience that I have to use every day within my job, friends and family. It so great to read and recognize what is written with my own experiences. More importantly, there’s usually some aspects I haven’t thought of that enlightens me further. Secondly, they are easy to read.

Then I enter the chapter about controlling the senses. Now, this is interesting for me because I have little sense control. Or a weak mind as he called it – and well, I agree on that label. The material body consist of the senses, the mind, the intelligence and the ego. The senses give the mind orders (I want that chocolate!) and the intelligence backs up the mind and adds morality to it (chocolate may be a disturbance to your spiritual progress). Since I’m a very practical person I always look for two things: a solution and an explanation (in that order). So here’s the explanation:

When the intelligence is connected with transcendental knowledge, it has sufficient power to harness the wild mind

What is transcendental knowledge? Because when I want chocolate this is how the process goes:
Senses: I want chocolate.
Mind: Sure.
Intelligence: This is not good for you and really, your body doesn’t need it.
Mind: I couldn’t care less.

I guess the answer the intelligence is giving isn’t transcendental enough, but really? I don’t get it. How do I connect the intelligence with the transcendental knowledge in harnessing the senses?

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  1. The mind is a child. The intelligence is a parent. A loving parent says neither “always chocolate” or “never chocolate”, but goes through the labor of love to find balance. Work with the mind, not against it. The mind is the way it is because of how it’s been parented.

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