Meditating on material life

201401-orig-spiritnewsletter-2-600x411I’m not writing so much because my life is pretty much deeply en-coned in material life. I got some honey coming my way, so I managed to purchase the apartment I wanted. Though – not without a lot of different issues I still haven’t worked through. I get the keys to the apartment 1st July, so let’s hope everything is in place till then or no keys for me.

There really is a lot of things to work through when you have kids, so much things that have to fall in place. What I’m doing now is the most risk I have taken in my whole life. It’s really scary.

Now is probably the time where spiritual life is the most important. But all I’m able to do is to say this prayer to Krishna every night:

1. Thank you for helping me.
2. Please help so that I may get point 1, point 2, point 3 etc. in place as well.
3. Thank you.

This is a time where material life is pressing on me. Life is very demanding. I don’t try to press forward on spiritual life now because it feels okey that spiritual life is on the back burner. Life has it’s ebbs and flows, and right now it flows where I need to keep material life in check or everything else will suffer. Spiritual life will flourish when things have settled down.

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  1. Looking forward to the continuation of the story. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the Kuruksetra meditation in the last post.

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