Krishna consciousness is art

10454293_10152596931969667_3180703810951558494_nKrishna consciousness is a lifestyle. It’s a choice you make every moment to hear, breath, live, sleep and eat love of God by doing meditation, Kirtans, cooking, speaking, relating to people and going about your day being an authentic person who continuously work on improving your performance ie yourself. Art comes with mastery. Art implies that there is a level of creativity in one’s sadhana and the method one has to follow.

Like a performer or an athletic, you have to work on it every day for many hours. You have to hone your skills until you master it. There’s the external activities like eating etc. but the most important skill is the mental one. You have to work on your mind like top performers in any field. You have to reflect on what you are doing. In your spiritual practice you make errors and figure out a way to improve it. Your bhajana becomes an art when you follow the strategies of the top musical performers.  You are able to perform the same actions but change it according to time, mood, people and circumstances.

What made Srila Prabhupada and Gurudeva able to attract thousands and thousands of followers and disciples? There’s a beauty in interacting with uttama-bhagavatas because they have made an art out of their bhajana which includes dealing with people and serving Krishna.

As a 37 year old mother of a three year old son, I never thought I would love Taylor Swift. That was until I got a feeling of her personality. It’s playful, funny, empathic, just lovely. Then I saw the music video of her latest song, and it just further emphasized the impression I have of her. There’s art to her music and to that music video. It’s beautiful to watch. When I come across such beauty I become an avid fan.

Taylow Swift didn’t get to that place miraculously. She has worked hard and for many years to get there. To become top performers in Krishna Consciousness we have to do the same. We have to be a part of the society, go to work and perform our business. In our spare time we meditate, perform arcana and kirtans until even our work and business interactions becomes a work of art. We, as people have to become a work of art, so much so that it attracts Krishna to us.


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