Lack of love

Gurudeva_onLove.jpgThe material disease is really a lack of love towards Krishna. We begin with a love for ourselves which extends to children, then spouses and family. Then comes friends and slowly it extends towards the society we are part of and the world as our consciousness  grows and veil of ignorance decreases.

But our inability to focus on our sadhana is really just a lack of love. When you truly love somebody, you go to all your length to please the other person. It doesn’t matter how tired you are and what you got going on – you go ahead and do what you have to do anyway.

This is something my son has taught me. When you have a kid, you truly will give up your life for your kid if that ever comes up. But – that is not really the way to measure love. Love isn’t even a feeling, it’s actions. Love is what you do, day in and day out. Love is to keep on taking care of your kid no matter how tired or sick you are, feed your kid, bathe etc. You put yourself on the side, because it’s so much more important to take care of your kid. That’s love.

But at the same time, if you don’t take care of yourself properly, you will not be able to properly take care of your kid either. If you go hungry, you get irritable and angry and that doesn’t serve the kid.

The more I do my sadhana, the more I see how little love there is in my heart. Love is all about giving without any expectations to receive something in return. Being allowed to give something is in itself the reward. The more I give, the more I see how little love there is in my heart.

More importantly, the more I receive, the more I see how little love there is in me. How little I have to give. It makes it easier to accept faults in others, for when you truly care about somebody else it’s easy to accept people for who they are. Seeing how little love there is in my heart, I hope that other people will accept me for who I am.

All of this is revealed, the more I chant. Whenever I contemplate how little love there is in me, I go ahead and do what needs to be done. For some strange reason, thinking this makes me want to do more.

The lack of love is the real disease and I want to mend my unloving ways.

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