In times of ….

One of the comforts of being religious is that in times of difficulties, one turn to ones faith. Though, in dealing with death I hardly find the scriptures comforting. On the contrary, I have so far found them to be full of scare tactics worthy the finest missionaries. So what are one to do when dealing with exactly that predicament?

I usually go scouring for vedic wisdom in times of difficulties, but now I have stayed far away from it. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in march, operated in april and the latest development is that the test results came back stating it was an aggressive form of cancer and the surgeons didn’t manage to take it all away.

So, what is one to do vedically in such a situation? If it had been me, fine. I have the maha-mantra to sooth me and I’m not afraid of death. On the contrary, I would turn to the story about King Parikshit when he was bitten by a snake and only had seven days left to live. And I would chant. Read, chant and I would probably become a lot tougher on only eating prasadam.

But it’s a different situation when it’s someone close. What should I do? What should I look into?

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  1. Your practice benefits your mother. And even in your next life, taking birth from other parents and picking up your practice again, that practice will benefit the mother you had in this life. The mercy you receive from sadhus also has an effect on her.

    As for more direct practical ideas, here’s something my guru told my godsister when she asked about how to deal with the patients at the cancer hospital where she works:

    “Just care about people. And because your caring, however expressed in any particular environment includes your still developing spiritual sensibilities within it, the persons you care for and about will be touched by these sensibilities along with experiencing the care as it manifests practically and visibly.”

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