BANding: Rasa of Srila Prabhupada

I wasn’t aware that KBM had been banned from preaching (see bottom) in the North American Sanga’s of Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaja until a few days ago. Sooo…..

this is very isckon like, isn’t it?

So what did I do? I googled the banning Gurudeva experienced from isckon. And guess what I found in one of the official isckon papers:

Puri Maharaja also remarked that he himself knew quite well the spiritual master of Narayana Maharaja, H. H. Keshava Prajna Maharaja. He said that Keshava Maharaja never spoke of such topics. “So,” Puri Maharaja remarked, “it is a mystery where Narayana Maharaja is bringing these rasika topics in from.”

Yes… Gurudeva never spoke of such a topic. So where indeed do these KBM people get bringing these rasika topics from? It must be a mystery.

From my knowledge – Gurudeva never banned anyone, at most he warned that one shouldn’t hear from Prem Prayojana, but still he let him talk during his lectures. But apparantly, banning is now what we do.

Yes… let’s do what was done towards Gurudeva. They couldn’t possibly have some knowledge beyond Gurudevas spoken ones, so they must be wrong. And what do we do with those we disagree with?

We will have Harmony. Resistance is futile. You will comply.