Ban should be invalidated: Rasa of Srila Prabhupada

In the ban from Bhakti America they use the letter from Gurudeva to Tripurari Swami as evidence of Gurudeva’s stance. Well, let’s use that letter against the ban. This is Gurudeva’s own views on this issue:

if you have strong belief that your Gurumaharaja was in sakhya mood, I have no objection.
I am satisfied that you have a strong faith that your Gurumaharaja is in sakhya bhava.
Thus I cannot admit anything else, but I appreciate your belief that he was in sakhya bhava.

So Gurudeva has no objection to people having a different view of this. He is satisfied that others have a different view than him on this issue. He appreciate the belief, though he cannot admit anything else.
No harsh words and certainly no ban from Gurudeva in encountering a differing view.
So apparantly Gurudeva have no problem with this, so why should Bhakti America and his sanga differ?

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