Inconvenienced by Harikatha: Rasa of Srila Prabhupada

It seems that most people have looked at this controversy as something negative: something they need to manage, a distraction, disheartening, filled with speculations, disharmonizing, misconceptions, offensive, a disturbance.

I have truly loved this controversy, from beginning to end. It might be because I’m so removed from devotee association, all I have to go on is the Harikatha. And Harikatha has been flowing like the Yamuna. I find myself going to the timeline to find Harikatha, to read it again.

What has this controversy been, but a battle of Harikatha? It’s one of the ways that Harikatha stays fresh, relevant.

How can we term Harikatha as something negative? Unless you are not actually dedicated to Harikatha? If you are truly dedicated to Harikatha, you would never give it up for a second. You could never stop the discussions/Harikatha from flowing. Or as KBM state it: Our hand is bound by sastra.

If you were dedicated to Harikatha, would you not scrutinize every word and sentence made by your opponent, looking for weaknesses and faults in all the aspects of arguments, both the opponents as well as yours?

More and more I see the public statement and those who have signed it as showing a lack of taste in Harikatha. Why would you ever stop Harikatha from flowing? How can you be inconvenienced by Harikatha?

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