More on priya-narma sakhas

Nemi Maharaja has issued a new statement where he goes into the service of priya-narma sakhas. He refers to a statement made by Damodar Maharaja, but I’m not sure which one he refers to.

It begins by addressing that Gurudeva never stated SP was a manjari, ie he enters the preaching tactic argument. This is interesting because this is the first indication by the manjari-rati side that there is some progress in the understanding that Gurudevas words are ambiguous. It’s not that he lied to us, but that he’s words are open to interpretation both ways.

He then goes into that priya-narma sakhas are in sakhya rasa, which nobody disagrees with (this I have explored from both Nemi Maharaja and KBMs side in Who is Rupanuga?)

In the end, he states that we can wait for part two which will enter these questions “Can priya-narma-sakhas enter madhurya-rasa when they associate with the gopis? Can they become so much like gopis that they can serve Radha-Krishna like manjaris?”.

KBMs statement “They are Unable to Touch Srila Gurudevas Heart” gives their views on (the questions posed by the public statement as well as) the current questions of Nemi Maharaja.


I feel I should mention that I’m very happy that Nemi Maharaja brings up the mood and service of priya-narma sakhas again. When this debate began I was very covered in my understanding and kept being covered for months. By continuing to bring this siddhanta up, one have the chance to increase ones understanding gradually. Nemi Maharajas contribution and that he keeps discussing these subjects even after the public statement is wonderful. I’m so happy he keeps on digging into the siddhanta for us.