Sri Guru Darsana

A new issue seem to brewing in the sangha, and this time it seems like an article by Suddhadvaiti Swami is in the limelight which comments the biography (Sri Guru Darsana) by Sri Premananda prabhu on Gurudeva. I haven’t found the article itself anywhere, so I wonder what it say. But, on Bhaktabhandava fb page there is two different postings about this.  My impression so far is that this seem to be more of a character issue and not connected to siddhanta, at least the two responses gives me that impression.

So I’m looking forward to picking up this biography when I go to Vrindavin and reading about my Gurudeva. Premananda Prabhu is the one who managed to get things going in the construction of Gurudevas samadhi.

Just like after Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakuras disappearance, we have KBM and Bhaktabhandava who distinguish themselves as … kind of separate mathas. I say kind of because at least on purebhaktis teachers they all are there: KBM, Premananda Prabhu and all the ones with differing views.

So.. well. At least spiritual life keeps it interesting for mundanes like me.

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