Puppets on a string

Do you think Krishna limits his lila to only the spiritual world? If the answer to that is no, then it shouldn’t be hard to envision that may be these debates is part of Krishnas lila and part of the fun is to see how devotees navigate it. May be the people involved are playing the part Krishna wants them to have. Even better, may be Krishna finds just the right persons to play the part He wants and then makes things available to them until they just have to do something.

The disciples of Premananda Prabhu is great at finding glorifications of him:

Srila Gurudeva: I brought you from Navadvipa in your childhood. You must look after all my ghara-bhara (temples and the load of responsibility of my mission). They all came after you. They are all preaching and so forth. You have left your responsibilities, why? Don’t give up anything. As it was before, it shall continue the same. Don’t be indifferent. I am depending upon you for all my mathas, temples, and preaching; everything is your responsibility. Therefore, look after everything. As before, take up the burden, and carry everyone forward with you.

Sripada Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja: Less people, bhai, not so much crowd.

Srila Gurudeva: I am depending on you for everything. But you have given it up. Now carry on. Everything depends on you.

The Facts – Srila Gurudeva’s Instructions to Sripada Premananda Prabhu on November 23rd, 2010

One time I asked Srila Gurudeva in Hawaii, in 2005, that, ‘People say you criticize Premananda Prabhu by saying he speaks from the Premananda Purana, why do they say that?’ Srila Gurudeva replied, “They can never understand my relationship with him, not in a million births; he is my heart.” Another time he told me to always serve him.
Vaisnava Respect is the Path to Perfection by Giridhari das Brahmacari

The danger when we take a certain position is that we only read and see what we want to see. Sudhadvaiti Swami recounts many situations where Premananda Prabhu strays from the truth beside Gour Govinda Maharaja wish for siksa. It should also be noted that the other devotees he mentions, doesn’t speak against being mentioned:

This is just another one of the countless fabricated stories which Srila Gurudeva would often refer to as the ”Premananda Purana”.

… remember repeatedly hearing Srila Gurudeva interrupt different sannyasis while they were speaking hari-katha, asking them what was the source for what they were telling. When those sannyasis answered, ”Premananda prabhu”, Srila Gurudeva would dismiss it with, ”Oh! The ‘Premananda Purana’.” He even repeatedly slapped in private one of them, for having spoken during class unbona fide things he had heard from Premananda dasa, strongly rebuking him,” He is making you crazy! Hearing from him is ruining your life!” Sripad Bv Madhava Maharaja told that sannyasi afterwards that he had not seen Srila Gurudeva that much angry in twenty years.

Srila Gurudeva asked Premananda dasa why he was always making up stories. Premananda dasa answered that lying was a compulsive habit that he had developed and couldn’t get rid of.

I remember Sripad Bv Tirtha Maharaja complaining to me during a bus ride to Varsna in 2011, ”Premananda is constantly lying! Gurudeva could deal with it but we cannot! ”

So apparantly we have a contradiction. In one sense we have a person that Gurudeva glorifies and chastised at the same time. We have a person who is doing so much wonderful seva and especially the building of Gurudevas seva which went from nothing to a wonderful samadhi since he took over the project. But then we have many accounts of untruths coming from him.

It’s so huge contradictions both in the statements of Gurudeva and in his service that it’s enough to baffle.

Then this account came forward:


This account by Yadubar Dasa Leyte is very interesting, because here Premananda Prabhu specifically reveal that many devotees who come to him doesn’t or can’t follow Gurudeva. May be Premananda Prabhu is playing a part that Krishna wanted him to take. It takes a very special person to take on such a role.

It might also explain why there seem to be such apparent contradictions in the behaviour, accounts and service of Premananda Prabhu.

We can’t always understand why Krishna do what He does, but by creating some disturbances He gives the opportunity to discover it. This is Krishna lila and if Krishna create these disturbances, how can we speak about Vaishnava aparadha if Krishna is the real puppetmaster behind this?

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