sadara sumarana je nara karahim
bhava varidhi gopada-iva tarahim

“Human beings who chant and listen to the names of Lord Hari with honor and respect can cross the ocean of material existence like one steps over a puddle formed by the hoof-print of a cow”

Just like my neighbor who keeps on breaking down my roof by walking as hard as she can, the same thing I’m doing to Krishna by not giving up the Name. By continuous chanting I’m not leaving Him alone. I’m not letting Him forget me. Though just like my neighbors noise is unpleasant, the same might be true for my chanting because of my conditioned status. Because my neighbor is knocking so hard, I’m knocking so hard at Krishna’s “wall”. I’m not letting Him go.

This situation has been good for my chanting. As well as bad – it’s difficult to chant in such harsh conditions. My chanting went very well for a time and I got my chanting down to 6 minutes and was so pleased. But then I began to just trip in my chanting. I was struggling with “Rama Rama Hare Hare”. That sentence completely threw me off and suddenly I was using 10 minutes on one round. This went on for days and it was the R’s that wasn’t right. I also wasn’t chanting “Hare Hare….. Hare Krishna”. Three “Hare”s meant that one went missing when I did this quickly – I think. In the end it became so bad that some times I wondered if I even skipped over the last two paragraphs in the mantra. Japa went from really going forward, to almost a halt.

So I tried to chant more pronounced, but again this meant a round took forever to complete. So I began to listen a little bit to Srila Prabhupadas chanting. He has a melody to his chanting, and the pronunciation is perfect. It was still slow, but it helps. It gives a bit of melody and if I keep the tone of the last two “Hare”s and the first “Hare” different, it ensures that I’m uttering every Name correctly. The melody unfortunately add a bit of slowness in chanting using the mind, at least for now. But I think I’m on the right track again.

Another nice side effect – I keep on chanting mentally throughout the day.

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