How to recognize a sadhus mood

Nemi Maharaja posted a new entry in regards to why he believe that Srila Prabhupada is a gopi. It’s a nice reflection on why he believes what he believes without the “fighting” or “we must defend” mentality.

I have truly appreciated and loved the feeling behind the last two postings he has. This is responses where the temperature has fallen in the debate and instead a loving mellow is seeping through. It’s just so nice! It’s so wonderful to admire the response of a person who you disagree with. It’s so lovely to admire how he presents his case. This is beauty.

I also very much appreciates that Nemi Maharaja kept his posting public. It takes a lot of strength to posts publically and spend the time dealing with comments, but Nemi Maharaja is doing the effort. There usually is a lot of inappropriate comments when they do so, but my take is that it’s an opportunity to work on an individual. There may be inappropriate comments, but by dealing with them authentically we can hopefully raise peoples awareness while still disagree. The bad side, we don’t see any change happening as this usually take a lot of time. I’m sorry to see that many devotees only posts controversial issues among their friends, though I do understand that dealing with the repercussions can be very hard.

So, let’s speak on the message again. Nemi Maharaja again goes back to the view that Gurudeva lied to his disciples. I’m sorry to see the word “lie” coming back. I slowly had to understand that this isn’t about lying, but that Gurudevas words can be intepreted both ways. Gurudeva speaks in a hidden way. So can we please instead use something other word than lying? For example, I used to refer to this debate as a “controversy” and “conflict”. I have moved away from those words and instead use “debate” and “discussion”. I saw how these words increase the division and conflict, and therefore I changed how I wrote. Words have power. We have a responsibility to consider how we use them. At least I hold myself responsible and to keep on improving how I relate.

“There are so many higher realities that Srila Prabhupada never talked about, because we were not ready.

In any case, Srila Gurudeva did not have to make up stories to attract us. He is not such a feeble and inept preacher.”

So very true. But didn’t Gurudeva explain Srila Prabhupada to the iskcon devotees and revealed so much understanding that was missing…. because you were not ready?

Is it so hard to imagine that may be the same can be true of Gurudeva. That there are so many higher realities that Gurudeva never talked about, because we are not ready? The rasa of Srila Prabhupada is one of these issues.

When we read the books of our acaryas, they reveal themselves and their mood. Each acarya sees the world through colored lenses. The color is the mood they have, so their understanding of madhurya is different depending on their mood. The Gopas know of the gopis and they know they have this madhurya mood, but their view on madhurya will be different.

But what is the meaning of madhurya? Madhurya means not to have any aisvarya. In madhurya you may have dasya-rasam, sakhya-rasam, vatsalya-rasam and sringara-rasam. Rasas are different. And those who spontaneously have an attachment toward a particular rasam they will cultivate it from the beginning and they will get it. Not all jivas must become madhurya-rasa or srngara-rasa devotees. But is is said that adya eva paro rasah-srngara rasam is the superior. Amongst all rasas, srngara-rasa is the supreme.

….For example, Dama and Sudama have their particular rasam with Krishna and those who are attracted by that rasan have to take them as their Gurus. Similarly those who have a tendency toward vatsalya-rasam have to accept Nanda or Yasoda as their Gurus. This in madhurya bhava. In this way the devotees will proceed.

Sri Guru-vani by Sri Srimad Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Gosvami Maharaja


Look at how Puri Maharaja define madhurya. No talk on manjaris etc. Acaryas writing and definitions reflects what mood (and understanding) they have. If you are a gopa, wouldn’t you consider your mood to be the highest and best? If you are a manjari, wouldn’t you consider your mood to be the highest? A manjari and a gopa meets and they begin to bicker about which mood is the highest. A gopa will say: “I built the temple with the highest point, so our mood is the best”. A manjari will say: “Krishna goes away from the temple to meet our svamini, so our temple attracts Krishna more”. So it will continue and it will be lovely because it’s a transcendental bickering.

Acaryas understand the vedas based on their mood. This understanding is important for us sadhakas so that we can get closer in understanding our sadhu-sanga.

Video by Nemi Maharaja

Nemi Maharaja has made a video explaining his point on why he means Srila Prabhupada can’t be a priya-narma sakha. The video is excellently made! The sound quality is fantastic, he explains his point in a very simple way that I think all devotees will be able to follow, the surroundings are nice and he keeps his message so short that everybody will watch the video to the end and not get lost on the way.

I mean, it was just excellently made! I loved it ! Quality in the making. Truly, excellent work.

Then there’s the message. The easiest way to counter his arguments is that priya-narma sakhas have sakhi-bhava, thereby he’s disregarding Gurudevas own words in his book Bhakti rasamrta Sindhu bindu p.254:

The priyanarma-sakhas are superior in every way to the three other types of sakhas. They are engaged in extremely confidential services and are possessed of a very special bhava (sakhi-bhava). In other words they perform confidential services for the preyasis (lovers) of Sri Krishna, they assist Krishna in meeting with the preyasis and they desire to give pleasure to them. These include Subala, Arjuna, Gandharva, Vasanta, Ujjvala and Madhuma∫gala. Of these Subala and Ujjvala are the best.




Groups: Yay or nay?

Srila Narayana Maharaja: One thing. I want to request that you should not feel that you are in group of Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaja, you are group of Srila Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja, your group is Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja, or you are group of that Puri Maharaja, or you are group of that, that. Don’t [think this]. You should only think that we are only group in Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s family.

Devotees: Gaura-premanande! Haribol!

Srila Narayana Maharaja: Our hari-katha is only one hari-katha. Water is the same, but bottle may be different, somewhat reddish, sometimes green, no harm. Wine same, but bottle may be different. Name may be some different, but we are all Gaudiya Vaisnavas, Rupanuga Gaudiya Vaisnavas, same thing. But now some are going and derailing. Swamiji Maharaja himself he told me, “Oh, go and preach and help, also help my devotees.” But now they have shut their doors, closed their doors. “Oh, Narayana Maharaja can’t go come.” And that is why they are going, falling down, always falling down, falling down. So you should hear hari-katha. I have only to give without any self-gain, nothing, only to help Swamiji and all the devotees who are now weakened somewhat. You had become weak, [so] I have come. Swamiji and my Gurudeva, Krsna, Mahaprabhu has sent me only to help you. Not that I have come to make disciples, and make so much wealth and money, another group. I’m not going to make another group. We are same group. I have come to assemble them in one group everywhere. “

Gurudevas sanga is splitting into groups, and I have begun to see this as a natural progression. Some seeks the shelter of Bhakti Vijana Bharati Maharaja, some Premananda Prabhu, some with Prema Prajoyana and some with Krishna Priya didi and Madhusudhana Maharaja in Krishna Balarama Mandira.

12304272_1677165415897841_6750689039592000845_oAll are still in the same line. Some may claim that if one doesn’t have the mood of the manjaris, one don’t belong amongst the Gaudiya Vaishnavas. But from my understanding, those in Gaura lila don’t all have the same manjari mood either despite Mahaprabhu came to taste manjari mood. Example; Sri Gadadhara Pandita is in the mood of a servant.

One seeks the group one is attracted to. Bhakti Vijana Bharati Maharaja is from what I hear an encyclopedia of harikatha. Premananda Prabhu is expert at service. I hear that in Prema Prayojanas group they are required to chant 64 rounds. I don’t know about KBM, but so far my impression is that they are able to boldly assert their meanings, however unintentionally. Each group may have some speciality given to them.

Isn’t it natural that once one have found the association that the heart is content with, that one stay under that shelter? Diksa and siksa is so important, and by taking siksa doesn’t one naturally become part of a group no matter how independent ones spirit may be? And siksa can be had several places – simultaneously.

Groups are natural. Animosity between groups is unnecessary, but at the same time you can’t avoid discussions to be raised. Such feelings will be stirred. If we look at the teachers listed in everybody except Prema Prajoyana is listed.

“The world does not need any more big institutions. Big institutions and their resolutions do not inspire trust. They can’t do very much to solve individual problems or those of this world; the world needs individual performance. Only individual efforts, such as the efforts of Srila Prabhupada, impress the people in this world and will make them change. These difficulties have arisen so that all of you should get your act together and start to make a difference as individuals, in the service of your spiritual master. That’s what is necessary. Then the world will be blessed by Srila Prabhupada’s love.”

How Krishna controls everything, even our mistakes

There’s so much high class association that is becoming available and visible. I see groups as a natural progression. That isckon has managed to remain isckon is in itself a wonderous miracle and they have achieved so much.

People will always mingle towards the pure devotees.

The Truth will always shine brilliantly in the people it inhabits and groups will form around them. We are still one family. As we all have experienced, family isn’t perfect and sometimes the laundry is aired. Still, we are a family.

I agree with Gurudeva that we shouldn’t think we are a group, but a family. But at the same time I think that the group mentality comes with the conditioned territory. By staying within a group, we also get the opportunity to be worked on. That individual performance doesn’t just arise out of nowhere, it has been honed first and we have to choose our “folks” wisely.

Why we don’t want to chant

11057745_1041861809185207_5071583739406612733_oI had a really bad day yesterday. Not because of my neighbor where the harsh punishment  seem to have subsided with regular calls to the police and a restraining order in the background. But because.. it has become too much. Since I have no devotee association, my teacher is material nature. Every time I seem to make a move that will make my life easier, material nature take that situation and makes it utterly miserable. I’m in negative awe of how bad the situations I get myself in can get. It gets so bad, I have no words for it.

I only have one place to turn to be able to deal with these situations, and that’s Krishna. But I have my limits and that’s why I had a bad day yesterday (and probably today). I have a limit to how much I can take before it affects me too much. It’s like these situations make a permanent impression on the mind somehow, and then it takes a really long time before I have dealt with the consequences. This time I have given up on “humanity”. Most people to me are animals with two legs who have a very limited amount of reasoning. No matter how cordial and respectful I am, there is little impact I can have on anybody except myself.

It doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I got myself in the situation with the neighbor because of some trees they planted. I am well within the legal rights in felling them, but they don’t understand this. And I was one of these two legged animals with very limited amount of reasoning myself. But somehow, due to Gurus mercy, I am becoming more civilized (I hope).

The situation with my neighbor brought something very precious forward that I didn’t know was there. I was able to chant 64 rounds for some days. While the roof seemed to come down my head, I was so hard at chanting to be able to kope. I didn’t know this was within me, but Yoga maya is a very expert teacher. Truth is, I would *never* have chanted 64 rounds unless I was put in an extreme situation over an extended period.

Chanting 64 rounds taught me something. That the reason we have such problems chanting is because chanting gets in the way of us enjoying material nature. It’s so much easier to watch telly, read books etc. The truth is that I have ample amounts of time to chant 64 rounds if I really was dedicated. Chanting that much showed me how much time I’m actually wasting on nonsense. I knew this before, but it’s a different matter when its shown to you.

But the true gift in this came forward yesterday when I had such a bad day. Again I was praying to Bhagavan, and I wanted to give Him up like I have wanted more times than I can count. But I couldn’t give Him up even if… well, I can’t give Him up. It doesn’t exist within me. Usually during such bad days I end up watching telly, eating garbage and just allow myself to have a bad day with comfort activities. Yesterday, my comfort activity was listening to an audio recording of Jaiva Dharma. Sure, I watched telly as well, but when I really needed comfort, I turned to Harikatha. Yesterday during a bad day, I appreciated spirituality more than I have done in even good spiritual day previously. Those days of 64 rounds brought something out of me that I really like and I want more of it.

I don’t recommend that one artificially try to bring these things forward, because it doesn’t work in my experience. Things are brought forward within me when the time is right, like it was for me when I broke through the 64 rounds boundary. Yoga Maya arranges the material nature somehow so I have to surrender.

I have been more happy where I currently live than I have ever been before. At least that was up until now. Still I see that no matter how much I try, I don’t belong in this place and situation. I’m a fish out of water, though I’ve gotten quite good at living this material life. This has moved me towards the end game: I have now started a bond savings account so that I may move to Vrindavin and stay in high class association. Right now I have obligations with my son so I’m set where I am. But give it some years and I hope Krishna makes arrangements for me to stay within the protection of high class association. At least that’s what I’m saving towards now, so that Krishna can make arrangements for me when He wants. I want to be ready, when He thinks it’s time. That I think is the end game – and now for the first time I see I’m moving towards it.

This is what came out of my neighbors abuse.