Oracle of Rama

Often when insecurity plagues us or we would like to know our future, have answered some struggle we go through or just plain know what will happen the next few months we turn to oracles of some kind wether they be astrology, tarot, healers whatever. In vedic tradition we have Joytish.

Believing in karma opens up for sooth sayings of different kinds since karma means that there are circumstances that are set in our life like what kind of family we are born to, sickness we have to endure etc. For us very little is accidental and our free will boils down to the choices we make which in turn generate new karma.

I have purchased a horoscope every year on my birthday and have found it interesting. It has for the most part been able to predict the large layers of my life except this year which have really been anything but what is written in that horoscope. I have tarot cards I have used, though I haven’t used it for years now.

I find a lot of enjoyment in these things. It’s fun and it helps me just relax a bit when I need some reassurance. I don’t take it seriously, but still there is a part of me that believe a little bit. A part that takes the general direction seriously even when there is a bigger part of my mind saying: This is ridiculous. But often I find myself needing reassurance, and these things give that. It gives me a peace of mind when that said mind is a bit troubled.

I have left the Tarot cards, because I have found an even better tool – The Oracle of Rama. The cards use the life of Rama to answer questions. Rama’s life takes many turns from fortune to misfortune. Something that can seem very beneficial turns out to be the opposite. There are great victory, and great heartbreak and everything in between.

The Oracle of Rama has been created by stringing gems of destiny with the thread of faith.

The Oracle of Rama 7.7.7

I have used it to ask all kinds of questions, and so many times when I look at the answers the cards give me I laugh because the answer is spot on. You choose two cards – one is connected to Ramas story and the second is the divine guide. The first card represent a chapter in Ramas life and a section in that chapter and gives an indication. The second card indicate what verse in that chapter and the divine guide behind it.

Today I asked whether I would be able to keep my apartment since I struggle financially (and I know that talking about money is an even bigger taboo than sex). The answer I received was the following card:

Chapter 1: Removing obstacles.
Section 6: Rama and his brother journey home with their wives. A powerful opponent challenges Rama, but is won over.
Indication: An obstacle must be overcome to benefit from previous gains.
Divine Guide 3: Bharata (the power of responsibility). Verse 3: A happy return home.

Which made me laugh since my question was directly related to home and my apartment is certainly a benefit from previous gains.

What I really like is that the cards themselves give such complex answers, they tell a story with subtleties.

And like a friend of mine said: When you use it, it always comes down to bhakti no matter what the cards say.

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