Narayana Maharaja: Book changes

After Gurudevas disappearance, changes has been made to Gurudevas books in regards to siddhanta. These changes are being contradicted and considered to be fabrications to support the view of the editors behind Gaudiya Vedanta Publication (GVP). In other words, they change Gurudevas books to prove their own view on siddhanta. The only way to disprove this is to point to what books these changes has been done, point to the audio lectures of Gurudeva and transcribe them. The only way to prove the invalidity of these changes is to meticulously prove them wrong.  To show them that they can’t get away with it.

It must also be said that GVP does a great job in publishing Gurudevas work. But in changing siddhanta and Gurudevas take on controversial topics is something that must be rooted out and be carefully dealt with. Though I may use the words fabrication (which implies deliberate changes), it may also be because of immature understanding and not understanding the implications these changes have. What matters is that it gets a light shed upon it so that it becomes easy to see and find the errors.

This page will reflect the work we have put into it at the current moment and where we are at in our work.

Discrepancies in Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja’s books

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