I can make it ! So can you !

1507808_576170842458331_248120126_nI’m so excited! I have been wondering how much japa is enough, if 16 rounds is kindergarten level or not. A 100 000 names or 64 rounds have always been mentioned everywhere as the gold standard, and 16 rounds makes 25% of “completeness” which isn’t so bad. Though, I have chanted 16 rounds before and I know it’s not enough – at least not for me to progress (yes, I have a lot of cleansing to do).

Then I came across this:

If one chants 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, he will complete the chanting of 35 million maha-mantras in around 55.5 years. If he doubles his chanting i.e. 32 rounds daily, then he will take around 28 years. And if he can chant the ideal prescribed quota of chanting i.e. 64 rounds daily, he will take around 15 years to complete the great sacrifice of chanting the maha-mantra 35,000,000 times. If one chants 64 rounds of the maha-mantra for 15 years while strictly following the principles of bhakti-yoga in the association of pure devotees, then one is sure to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead face to face in this very life and ultimately achieve the highest abode of the Lord called Goloka Vrindavana. – See more at: http://harekrishnajapa.com/why-not-just-chant-krishna/#sthash.fC1l1Rgl.dpuf


This is the first time I have seen something this specific, so I hope it’s authentic. If it actually is authentic, it means it has to come true. Krishna has no choice.

As a person who works within IT, my mind is pretty logically made up. There’s nothing like specifics to make me motivated. I like dealing with numbers to know what I have to work with, which makes this path frustrating because there is nothing logical about feelings. You can’t exactly blurt out “I’m feeling 3% devotional today!”. Really, if there was a flat screen on the wall stating how far away I was from the goal and what I had to do to get there – I would be motivated like nothing else! That flat screen could have listed a todo list with what I had to do each day to achieve siddha-deha – I would be on it. Even better – I would have loved to have a ticker where it stated how much time until I received my siddha-deha. If I one day wasn’t up to standard, and that ticker went up I would be even more motivated to get that number down!

I can work with 15, 28 and even 55 years. No problem, I’m dedicated to this path, however unsteady it is.

Sure, I don’t know when I will die but there is a chance I have 55 years.  I sure need to mature a lot devotionally, but I have a lot of time. Say I retire when I’m 62. Before getting that old, I will have matured my japa to most likely 32 rounds (which gives me 28 years). When I retire I see myself moving to a place with a temple and devotees nearby (hopefully maha-bhagavats), and I will be mature enough then to chant 64 rounds a day. That gives me 15 years or may be even less if I have been able to increase my rounds.

Then I just need to convince Krishna that flat-screens with progress details is a GREAT idea!

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