The Radiant Truth

Why is there so many different religions in the world when Krishna is the Absolute Truth? People are different and therefore seek different ways of relating to him, it helps them make progress in the form that suits them.

The last post about cheating and mercy have been itching at me. I want to have the undiluted experience and I want to go as far as I can go in my position and situation.

Now, Premananda Prabhu is doing and inspiring so much wonderful seva in people. I’m very happy that he is building Gurudevas samadhi, and he is doing a wonderful job. It seems like Premananda Prabhu is expert as service. That is wholly a wonderful quality that deserves every glorification it can get. I mean – JAYA !

But then there’s this other part, something that shows there’s inconsistencies in Premananda Prabhus character. Some may be of less consequence, some may be a lot heavier. One can still accept a person, even when there are less desirable qualities there. May be especially then one needs to accept a person. So I’m not so concerned about Premananda Prabhu, but more about the devotees who seeks siksa from him. Why would they if they understood that there are several things that don’t add up?

So even though I have the impression that one might not receive the full concept from Premananda Prabhu, there is still room for him and hugely so considering his following. But one needs to be mindful that there *are* inconsistencies there. There may be some cheating and Sudhadvaiti Swami has pointed that out, and may be this is Krishnas way of saying “beware”.

śabda-brahmaṇi niṣṇāto
na niṣṇāyāt pare yadi
śramas tasya śrama-phalo
hy adhenum iva rakṣataḥ

Taking shelter of a “Guru” who has great learning of the Vedic literature but has not realised para-brahma (Krishna) is like keeping a barren cow who cannot give milk. It is useless labour and one does not achieve any real result.
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.11.18

As Gaudiya Vaishnavas we are receiving well, pretty much the whole truth. BUT – the whole truth is delivered by sadhus. And how much of that truth you receive is directly proportionate to the quality of the sadhu you seek siksa from.