Video by Nemi Maharaja

Nemi Maharaja has made a video explaining his point on why he means Srila Prabhupada can’t be a priya-narma sakha. The video is excellently made! The sound quality is fantastic, he explains his point in a very simple way that I think all devotees will be able to follow, the surroundings are nice and he keeps his message so short that everybody will watch the video to the end and not get lost on the way.

I mean, it was just excellently made! I loved it ! Quality in the making. Truly, excellent work.

Then there’s the message. The easiest way to counter his arguments is that priya-narma sakhas have sakhi-bhava, thereby he’s disregarding Gurudevas own words in his book Bhakti rasamrta Sindhu bindu p.254:

The priyanarma-sakhas are superior in every way to the three other types of sakhas. They are engaged in extremely confidential services and are possessed of a very special bhava (sakhi-bhava). In other words they perform confidential services for the preyasis (lovers) of Sri Krishna, they assist Krishna in meeting with the preyasis and they desire to give pleasure to them. These include Subala, Arjuna, Gandharva, Vasanta, Ujjvala and Madhuma∫gala. Of these Subala and Ujjvala are the best.