Personal growth and spirituality

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I used to love reading personal growth books. I used them to work through issues I had, to find love (or the correct love challenge), read everything I came over about happiness, work and how to thrive in a work environment (damn hard by the way). I came to a mental place which was okey. I’m not saying great because living is difficult. As soon as one challenge and problem has been resolved, there are other issues that come to the surface that you didn’t have before. The good part is that the new issues only arises because you become more and more mentally healthy, the other issues just hadn’t had any possibility to arise before.

Speed forward to today where personal growth books is in most part uninteresting to me. I find books that seem interesting, buy them, only to discover there is nothing there for me. They have nothing to teach me anymore. If I want to continue evolving (which I really, really want), I have to start looking towards my religious beliefs where there are tons of books.

The trouble is that it’s deep, deep philosophy that sometimes can get really technical (I love that). Religious books aren’t created like personal growth books. They aren’t tailored towards specific issues that comes up in daily life, they contain more general advice. It’s easy to tailor the general advice to specific issues, but I need more. More than quotes and paragraphs. I need to work through the issue. Having a whole book dedicated to something I need to work on gives me new information, and a lot of days to work through it.

Not so much in religious text. Then you get a small paragrah (if you are lucky – two!) that is tailored towards your trouble, and a whole book about something more/different with statements here and there. Furthermore, the vedic texts doesn’t deal so much with different types of material consciousness, as it does by actions. Actions define us, but the mental part has too be there (first). Vedic texts contain instructions to follow, but not so much info when you are unable to follow those instructions.

Then you get those general things like: Keep chanting, and the trouble you have will disappear with time.

Well… yes. Time does that.

It doesn’t help to know that the issue you have is only temporary when you haven’t entered that consciousness yet. There’s a reason something is a problem: It’s because you haven’t learned to deal with it yet. Chanting a problem away? Well, chanting does help in clearing the mind to come to a decision. Making a problem go away? That requires action. And by action I’m not talking about chanting at the other person. That would be offensive.

I’m coming to an understanding that spiritual life requires a new approach. A different approach I haven’t done before. I understand I need to study it more thoroughly, but I have troubles in doing the study part which require learning by rote. Writing things down and go over the notes, again and again. Sticking to one subject and book.

Figuring out how to balance my material life with who and what I really am. Because I figured something out today. I’m not so much physically exhausted as I am mentally exhausted. That’s my real problem. I’m mentally exhausted.

Now where is that problem addressed in the vedic texts?